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Here's some of my recent work:

"Objects and the Everyday"
Essay, 7 Wares & Meaning Collection by Lori Harrison Design

"Architectures of Renewal: an Interview with Dr. Daniel Millette"
Article, Site Magazine, Issue: Vernaculars

"Between North and South"
Article, Site Magazine, Issue: Borders.
Featured in ArtsEverywhere Roundtable

"Dear Architecture"
with Laura Legge. Published in "Dear Architecture"

"On Empathy: Conversations and Orientations for the Aspiring Architect"
Paper, Presentation, Discussion Panel: Co-creating Paths to Well Being. Birmingham, UK.
co-written with Connor O'Grady

"Hunting for Ourselves: Behaviour and the Pursuit of Ecological Good"
Paper, Presentation, Discussion Panel: ACSA 103rd Annual Meeting. Session: Resource Territories. Toronto, Canada.

"Hunting For: Lessons on Architecture in Cree Territory"
Master of Architecture Thesis Dissertation (with Commendation)
Excerpt on Rabbits
Download Full Thesis

"Bedside Stories"
Book: "Rome Studio: Contemporaneity & Architecture", edited by Dr. Anne Bordeleau. Riverside Architectural Press.