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Niagara Lakeshore Cemetery:
Scattering Garden

with Connor O'Grady & Currim Suteria

May 2015
Winning selection for the Niagara Lakeshore Cemetery Scattering Garden competition

The garden is a modest collection of articulated elements: climbing vine walls, slate platforms, memorial pillars, a sundial, and benches. The intention is to create an outdoor room that reflects and honours the sanctity of the space, characterized by the strong horizontals of the grassy field, horizon, and tree line, cut vertically by a rhythm of slender trunks. Sitting lucidly against a horizon of trees, the light frame steel structure of the three vine walls is a quiet invitation for visitors and family members to tie ribbons and notes in memory of their loved ones. A hovering slab of slate at the foot of each wall indicates a slight difference in motion and landscape, marking ritualized space. A layer of water, light and wind will continue to influence the walls appearance through the seasons - an index of time. Benches allow for contemplation, framing the structure and the tree-line far in the distance. The vine walls consist of thin metal cables periodically framed by a light weight steel frame. This detail is borrowed from the trellis structures in vineyards across Niagara-on-the-lake, an homage to the language and identity of the place. A trough atop the frame allows rainwater to fall directly on the vines, which sit within the slate plinth.

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