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On Empathy

Ongoing Series at the University of Waterloo

Est. 2014

On Empathy is an ongoing, inclusive, and informal blend of meetings, discussions and workshops at the University of Waterloo and was founded in response to students’ desire to have a space of reflection within the heavily structured learning environment. Established in 2014, the collective allows students, faculty, local community members to pause and hold space together. There, they can openly consider ethics, accountability and action within the practice of architecture. At the core of the group’s values is a sensitive understanding towards the open flow of ideas, one that transcends the limits imposed by the dichotomies of teacher and student, mentor and mentee. On Empathy continues to strive to be a safe public space, where the student body’s diversity of worldviews can be expressed and explored as a respectful and open-hearted community. There, beyond the confines of fear and apprehension, innovation can emerge from within the intimately shared repository of anecdotal evidence.

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