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with Daniel Comerford, Connor O'Grady, and Pavel Tsolov

A bridge over the River Liffey composed of waste material from dredging activity at the river mouth. Liffey Silt, Dublin port clay and fly ash are fired within the kiln barge to create silt bricks. The first bricks are used to construct the central kiln/bridge pier and glowing heart of the new bridge, which will provide brick for the remainder of the bridge and other projects within the city. Modern masonry techniques allow for the expressive construction of the central kiln. Brick patterns create texture and porosity, providing strategic ventilation and windows to the heart of the kiln, illuminating the city at night. Arch-centering falsework is put in place to enable the construction of masonry arches, and provide a provisional bridge connection for the community. The bridge can be experienced at interim points of evolution.

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