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community workshop in Wemindji, Quebec
with The Cree Nation of Wemindji
(Graduate Thesis Work)

Wemindji’s ‘canoe factory’ is an quonset hut building in the shipping area of town closer to the Bay, currently used as storage for supplies and workshop machinery. This building is re-envisioned as a basic woodshop for the town. The west wing contains standard workshop equipment and supplies while the east wing contains open ‘cabin’ spaces for cultural crafts that do not require machine equipment. The Canoe Factory would serve as a conditioned space to support the adjacent cultural campsite and provide opportunities for multiple generations to dwell in the same location. Community activities conducted by the Cultural Department were generally attended by very young children, adults and Elders. A basic woodshop serves as a satellite classroom and workplace for young adults and helps to supplement classroom schooling with hands-on, interest driven, and culturally aware education, while also providing opportunities for multiple generations to occupy a single building.

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