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with Brook McIlroy
and the Public Accessory Commission

Lead Design
Installation Spring 2017

The DiverseCity Fellows of Toronto 2016 project, "Cycle Home", is a community partnership and place-making initiative cited in the neighbouring communities of Lawrence Heights and Neptune. Projects facilitated by the Public Accessory Commission are constructed by graduates of "I'm Lawrence", a local pre-apprenticeship program targeted at boosting employment opportunities in the trades. The Cycle Home program intends to enhance social housing areas with public art and bolster the existing cycling culture and neighbourhood pride. The program was conceived as a means of bridging the two communities, segregated by a large freeway and social conflict. These bikes racks, identified by the community as the public accessory they want, are built by and for the community. The Public Accessory Commission focuses on improving the economic livelihoods of communities living in transition, prioritizing those who are living in poverty and face multiple barriers to employment.

scroll for images Colour Palette.png[1].jpg (Makayla) drew her own Bike Rack Design at Lawrence Heights Consultation.jpg Heights Consultation.jpg (Isheba) at Lawrence Heights Consultation.jpg Heights Location C.jpg 08_47_18.jpg 09_27_00_v2.jpg 09_10_37.jpg 09_10_41.jpg