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Prism Playscape

with Fernie Lai & Tiffany Chang

A modular, panelized system of folding elements transform the residential alleyways of Toronto, currently a hazardous meeting point between children activity and vehicular flow, into an urban playscape that in its use makes clear delineations between traffic types, improving neighbourhood safety. Triangular segments designed to support the variety of folding elements within the system are faced with 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material for added nighttime visibility, slowing down through traffic in poorly lit zones. When in use, the Prism Playscape acts as a temporary bollard, restricting through traffic to vehicles and generating a safe zone for children in urban residential areas. A kit of parts consisting of folding elements and a steel frame for structural support, each panel can be of its own design and configuration. Promoting community involvement, Prism Playscapes allows neighbourhoods to design their own alleyways and create an urban playscape environment that is a unique reflection of their local needs, identity and ideas. Elements can be configured to form seating, climbing, crawling, hanging and swinging structures.

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